The unwritten rules of Carnival


The unwritten rules of Carnival

The last couple of years Carnival has become a popular party for not only the people from the south, but also for people ‘above the rivers’ (people from the North). More and more people from the North are finding their way to the celebrations of Carnival. This means more fun but this also has caused friction between the north and the south of the Netherlands, since they celebrate it differently. To unite all the people in the Netherlands and to make sure people can celebrate this party together we introduced ‘The unwritten rules of Carnival’ with Jägermeister.


The campaign
To increase the awareness of the brand during carnival this year, we came up with 8 unwritten rules of Carnival. Rules, that the people from the South know since they were little but aren’t clear for the people from the North. Meinte Stinstra (creative) and Maud Olieslagers (strategy) explain: “Jägermeister stands for solidarity and togetherness. Their pay-off ‘It’s a matter of taste’ fits Carnival perfectly. It doesn’t matter how you want to celebrate Carnival as long as you respect the unwritten rules”.
The campaign consisted of the main video, made for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, that we boosted 3 weeks in advance of Carnival. In the days after the main video was posted online, people were retargeted with the other unwritten rules. During Carnival, Jägermeister was also presented. For example, our banners were showed at various stations in carnival cities through digital out of home and the necklaces were distributed in a variety of bars and cafes. Did we say that we made Instagram Stickers and webcare GIF’s as well?
The Result
Jägermeister became part of Carnival. Many people found the video recognizable, which shows off in over more than 12.000 likes, comments, and shares for just the main video. People from the North were massively tagged by people from the North and discussions about the rules of Carnival were started. Through webcare GIF’s, Jägermeister was not only the starter of the conversation but also part of it.
The campaign was picked up by several important Dutch media like Jinek (a Dutch late night TV show with more than 800.000 viewers a day), BNR News Radio and various media such as Adformatie, Fonk and VKMag wrote about it.
This way, our social videos reached almost 5 million people, the party of Carnival became bigger and bigger and the golden necklace of Steven the most wanted gadget of the country. A festive, but most importantly an effective campaign to increase the awareness of Jägermeister during Carnival!

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