Introduction Lidl Kordaat beer

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Introduction Lidl Kordaat beer

Lidl launched their own beer brand Kordaat with a bang. The campaign started with an unbranded TVC that was much discussed. The beer was positioned as a beer for courageous men and women. The TVC was focused on men and the social campaign on women.

The campaign started with a TVC with sarcastic situations where men did “heroic” actions. We anticipated on the fact that people would react to the TVC on social media. So that’s why we’ve prepared a social media strategy with a strong response, showing that Lidl Kordaat is not only for men but also for women (duh)!


The Social Campaign
We’ve created three social video’s in the same style and quality as the TVC. The stories continue where the TVC ended, but this time with a woman as the leading character. To make a clear link to the TVC, all the social video’s start with the main character viewing the commercial. When she looks up she sees a woman doing work that society sees as a “typical men’s job”. Because why not? Every job done by a man can (easily) be done by a woman. And for those women, we have Lidl Kordaat beer!
Melissa Spiering, our head of creative says: “Lidl wants to show a diverse picture of men and women. We started at an early stage to reflect on how Lidl could respond to possible feedback on social media channels. At first, people thought we’ve created these videos after the divergent comments came in. But of course we thought about this in advance, and luckily most people saw by the quality of the videos that we could not have made them just within a few days”.
We anticipated in advance on possible reactions we would receive on our videos on social media. So we created GIFs of the characters in the Kordaat videos to brighten up the conversations around the campaign. In this way, our community management team was able to respond to comments in a fun, original and interactive way.
The Result
The campaign was picked up by several important Dutch media, like RTL Z and Adformatie, which leveraged a lot of PR for Lidl Kordaat and the campaign.
The three social videos were a big success, and people were happy and the public was happy to see that Kordaat beer was not only for the man who acts decisively but also for the strong woman. We did a social media sentiment analysis and saw that once we started with the social videos and the GIFs the sentiment around the commercial became a lot more positive and the negative reactions almost stopped entirely.



Our social videos were viewed more than 1.4 million times. But more importantly, with our assets, we were able to turn the negative conversation into a positive one.

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