A global content strategy for Becherovka

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A global content strategy for Becherovka

Do you already know Becherovka? Becherovka is a unique Czech herbal liquor created in 1807 by J. Becher as a result of experimenting with herbs and spices. The spirit is very well known in the middle of Europe and now wants to conquer the world. And they asked us to help.

In the content strategy, we focused on creating love content, the content that makes people want to follow you on social media. Content that moves people, content that makes them laugh, think and dream. Besides the love content, we make sure we have always-on advertising content. With this content, we target the people that are interested in buying the product and make sure that we are always top of mind of this group. 


The big challenge?

The maturity of the markets. Like we mentioned before Becherovka has a high brand awareness in Mid-Europe countries. In the Western countries, for example the UK or even the USA, this is way lower. Does that make the job in the Czech Republic an easy one? No, not at all, there we need to reset the minds of the people and attract a younger target audience. Where Becherovka is nowadays mainly bought by older people, we want to tell the younger audience that it is also for them. To drink with their friends outside, and not only for drinking with the family at home.

In the content, we combined lifestyle with the product. Besides that, we played with the bottle and the brand symbol. All to attract younger people with different knowledge about the brand and make Becherovka a brand with a worldly reputation.

What does this look like?

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