The YouTube strategy Renault Life


The YouTube strategy Renault Life

In Renault Life, every two weeks on Thursday at 5pm, the viewer visits various remarkable Dutch people, such as someone with a historic Renault, a young photographer, the owner of a food truck and a victorious racing driver. The protagonists are very different characters, but have one thing in common; they all have enormous passion for what they do. The interviews always involve one of the models from the Renault range. The subject of the Renault Life videos contributes to awareness of this year’s renewed Renault brand identity, passion for life.

Video strategy

We have set up Renault’s YouTube channel in accordance with Google’s content strategy. Using this strategy, we build a successful channel using three types of video content. The Hero content consists of entertaining, high quality videos that generate many views in a short period of time, often boosted by media budget. The Hub content is defined as a recurring programme in which a fixed format is broadcast at a fixed time, aimed at generating returning visitors or even subscribers to the channel. The subjects in the third category, Hygiene content, are based on people’s online search behaviour and therefore often provide answers to consumers’ questions.


The 2015 Auto Shopper Study by Google and TNS shows that 65% of car buyers in Europe go online to look for information on purchasing a new car. Not only that – out of all of the touch points in the customer journey, online video has the greatest impact on car buyers, even more than visiting a dealership. 

YouTube: “Renault’s content series is the newest example of how brands use a digital-first approach to tell their story. By focusing on the passions and needs of their target market, Renault is building on a long-term relationship, in a way that matches how the people of today want to be approached on YouTube.”


36 years and 8 days of viewing time

The success of the video strategy is defined by targeting branding and awareness within the target group. Up until now, this has resulted in a total of 18,946,003 minutes’ viewing time on the Renault Life episodes, which is equivalent to 36 years and 8 days.
View the Renault Life episodes here

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