Transavia’s Ticket to the Eclipse


Transavia’s Ticket to the Eclipse

At the start of 2015, Transavia rolled out a new brand strategy in which the low-cost airline not only changed its course, but also its appearance. A new house style and approach demanded a new brand campaign. The campaign had to emphasise the innovation and rejuvenated appearance of the brand. Together with Transavia, we came up with the ‘Ticket to the Eclipse’ campaign. It was a groundbreaking campaign in which Transavia fans actually got the chance to fly to the solar eclipse.

We used a content strategy based on the hero, hub, hygiene model. The hero content had the objective of making people enthusiastic and triggering them to visit the campaign platform. With the hub content, which concerned the preparations for the flight, we wanted to keep fans’ attention throughout the whole campaign. We used the hygiene content to provide the basic information, such as about the flight and the eclipse.


We created an online platform on which fans could sign up to receive more information about the flight. Transavia fans were triggered to participate by videos and animations on social media. The campaign was also extended offline, with Transavia opening up a pop-up store at Schiphol Airport. All of the important Dutch press outlets were represented on the day of the flight.


When the day finally arrived, 100 passengers gathered at Schiphol Airport for the flight of their lives. The guide on this unique flight was none other than astronaut André Kuipers. The passengers included many journalists, thanks to whom the flight to the eclipse made the national news for two days. The campaign resulted in more than € 500,000 worth of media value. Ultimately, the online platform received 161,523 visitors, of which 54,422 participated in the campaign.

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