Tonight we Tanqueray

Diageo Netherlands

Tonight we Tanqueray

As a social media agency with the name Dorst & Lesser, naturally we are extra motivated when a great customer like Diageo calls about an assignment for Tanqueray. They wanted us to profile the gin brand in a way that suits the brand, tells the story and reveals the brand experience.

In collaboration with three influencers, Emilie Sobels, Michiel van der Eerde and Frank E. Hollywood, we made three distinctive videos that demonstrate some of their drive and passion. The videos were then continued in ‘real life’; the influencers each hosted an evening in Baut Zuidas which represented their passion. So it was not only work, I also got three good parties with my friends out of it! 😉


Samenwerking Michiel van der Eerde:


Samenwerking Frank. E. Hollywood:


Samenwerking Emilie Sobels:

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