Twingo Fashion Challenge


Twingo Fashion Challenge

How well do you know your girlfriend? Every girlfriend in the Netherlands could find out during the second edition of the Renault Twingo Fashion Challenge. First you provided your own fashion style on the online platform, then challenged a girlfriend to test how well they know your style. The challenge went out through one-to-one social sharing via either WhatsApp or Facebook’s direct messaging feature. Using the familiar ‘swipe’ action, your girlfriend could decide whether or not a certain outfit suited you and thus guess your fashion style.

The online platform was boosted by a 360° cross-media campaign in which influencer marketing played a large role. Sanny Verhoeven (Sanny zoekt Geluk), Cynthia Schultz (MissLipgloss), May-Britt Mobach and Lilian Brijl (Amayzine) are the faces of the Renault Twingo Fashion Challenge. To promote the campaign they challenged each other to find out how well they knew each other’s fashion style. With this campaign Renault responds to the editorial strategy of the influencers themselves, who write and vlog about fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

A ‘Girlfriend Tinder’ for guessing each other’s fashion style


The result

The campaign, whose objective was to create awareness and visibility for the Renault Twingo, ran from 23 May to 13 June 2016. We realised more than 11 million online impressions and 32,367 visitors to the platform. Ultimately, 5,179 people participated, of whom 75% shared the campaign with their friends.

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