Lidl’s Crazy Combi


Lidl’s Crazy Combi

Do you know why Lidl always manages to be so cheap? One of the reasons for this is that they have a more limited range than other supermarkets, for example, the Albert Heijn. You only find one sort of peanut butter there rather than ten different types, and there aren’t twenty different varieties of salad either.

As Lidl’s strategic partner, we are focusing our efforts on showing that although Lidl has fewer products, it doesn’t mean that you can’t serve up interesting combinations or surprising recipes. Thus, in our monthly content pillar ‘The Crazy Combi’, we ask the community to share a fun, but especially tasty combination with us. We choose one of them and make a video about it using the stop-motion technique. Interested? There are a few below, and each month there’s a new recipe on Lidl’s Facebook page.



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