Guess the snow depth with Renault


Guess the snow depth with Renault

“Never change a winning team” – and it’s the same for a successful campaign. Last year we came up with the idea of responding to something that constantly occupies fans of winter sports: the weather. Or more specifically, the snow depth. Is there enough snow? With the Guess the Snow Depth activation, last year we reached a large group of winter sports enthusiasts who all attempted to guess the latest snow depth at the French resort of Tignes. It was a great success, and reason enough to travel again to the French Alps for ‘Guess the Snow Depth 2.0’.

Even further, better and more beautiful

2.0 always means going a step further in order to achieve even better results. So we didn’t just stick with the French Alps, we went on to Fiesch in Switzerland and the popular Olden in Austria to make even more great content. The story was also different this year. Instead of the Renault Capture, the Renault Kadjar is the hero. This new crossover from Renault is characterised by its rugged crossover design. The pay off is ‘stop watching, start living’, and will be linked to Extreme sports. Based on this idea, we’ve written three storylines in which Kadjar plays the leading role. Three Extreme sports will be discovered and experienced in three different winter sport areas.

In total, we shot three videos in the different countries, over a period of eleven days. We started in the southern town of Serre Chevalier in France, the highest winter sport area in the Alps. So the snow there was good. After that, we went on to Fiesch to film the famous Aletsch glaciers from the air. That resulted in some spectacular images! Finally, we finished up in Austria, where we followed athletes during their journey on the ice.


The result

We realised more than 12.5 million impressions with this campaign. 67,000 visitors came to the platform and more than 12,000 people attempted to guess the snow depth in order to be in the running to win a winter sports holiday with the Renault Kadjar.

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