The 24/7 Renault Talisman test drive service


The 24/7 Renault Talisman test drive service

On Netflix, we watch our favourite television series whenever and wherever we want to. With one click of a button we can book a taxi via Uber no matter where we are. And with Thuisbezorgd or one of the other delivery services that have successfully started up in recent months, we have delicious food from the best restaurants brought to our homes. So we thought: Why can’t we do something similar with a test drive?

For the introduction of the new Renault Talisman, we came up with the very first ‘Test Drive on Demand’ service. During the car’s introduction month, we made it possible to take a test drive at a place and time of your choosing. Whether you were at home or the office, you could test out the Renault Talisman wherever you desired. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This meant not only during the day, but also after business hours in the evenings and even in the middle of the night.

With just two clicks on your mobile phone, it was simple to book a test drive. A host pulled up at your desired time and location, to experience the Renault Talisman with you. With this campaign, we not only responded to the ‘On demand’ trend, but also offered a solution that perfectly suited the target audience. People with a busy calendar, who value flexibility and a sense of luxury, could have a pleasant introduction to the Renault Talisman through this new way of doing a test drive.

Because this campaign worked so well, we are going to roll out the strategy for more models in the coming year.


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