Why you shouldn’t #deletefacebook from your social media strategy

Why you shouldn’t #deletefacebook from your social media strategy

Door Maud Olieslagers
Last week, a lot of Dutch marketing and news websites wrote about the outcomes of the National Social Media Research 2019: “Amount of Facebook users decreases”, “Amount of Facebook users decreases for the first time in the Netherlands” and “Facebook loses half of a million users”. This was also a trending topic at our office. “What about Facebook?” Yes, the numbers say it, so it’s true: Facebook has lost a couple of users. But is it really that big of a deal?


Hopefully, you’ve read the last sentence with a musical voice in your head. If you did, then we think alike, because it was written in exactly that way. That being said, no, Facebook losing members in the Netherlands is not that big of a deal. If we look at the numbers, Facebook is still the second most used social media platform in the Netherlands with 10,1 million users. 10.1 million users! To give you an idea of how much this is: there are about 16 million people above the age of 15* in the Netherlands. This means that out of every 8 people in your office, family or people in your street, there are five people with a Facebook account. Five! And the ones without an account are probably people aged 70 or older or a few lost souls that entered the #deletefacebook movement. But, let’s be honest, how often is your audience strictly above 70? And let’s also consider there are only 240.000 people who’ve really deleted their Facebook account last year – the other 400.000 just don’t log in anymore. So please put “the popularity of Facebook decrease” in a perspective.


To go back to the research and numbers about Facebook (as I’m part of the strategy team at Dorst & Lesser, I simply love data): we’re seeing a worldwide trend in the increase of Facebook users. With 2,32 billion active users each month, Facebook still remains the biggest platform with a lot of potential for brands – also in the Netherlands. The reach speaks for itself, but the opportunities and possibilities are beyond ‘just reach’. The extensive targeting options make that Facebook is still one of the best platforms (if not the best) to reach your right target audience.


So to get back to my point: yes, Facebook has lost some members in the Netherlands. But if we put it into perspective, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s still a platform with a major reach in the Netherlands and worldwide. So with the slogan “think global, act local” in our heads, we can only advise you to keep Facebook in your strategy. Not just for now, but for a long time.


*the results of the National Social Media Research 2019 are based on people about 15.

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