Why Dorst & Lesser is the best place to kickstart your career (in social media)

Why Dorst & Lesser is the best place to kickstart your career (in social media)

Door Martijn Lasonder
If you are a professional reading this, there’s an 87% chance you’ve been an intern. Internships are a win-win for both companies and young people looking to get a head start. And what better place to get a head start than at Dorst & Lesser? Word on the street is that we are looking for new interns. Next to based-upon-facts vacancies, we are going to bless you with a based-upon-experiences blog. Here’s all you need to know about what it’s like to be an awesome intern at the social agency: Dorst & Lesser.

Like Helen Hayes once said: “The expert in anything was once a beginner.


In my opinion, Dorst & Lesser is a place where young people with ambition can flourish. We aim to create an environment where there’s always room for improvement. For interns, this means they are a part of the team and we give them the opportunity to ‘learn how to work’. Of course, this doesn’t happen at a boring office – it happens at the vibrant location of the ‘Amsterdamse grachten’.


And, before I forget, take our word when we say we know how to party (it’s not all work and no play). Actually, don’t just take our word for it. Take it from our interns. We asked them – especially for you. So here it goes: three (ex-)interns will tell you why Dorst & Lesser is the best place to learn how to work.


First of all, when you do good…

… there’s a big chance for you to stay around! Business is booming and we are always looking for talented people who are willing to go the extra mile. For instance, Marco (once an intern, now a steady part of the team) found that the environment, clients and, most of all, the people are the most important to look into for a job.


“Within my first month at Dorst & Lesser, I realised: this is the way work should be. It really is a unique place: an environment stimulating creativity, a hard-working, go-getter attitude all around and an office full of young, like-minded people. Lucky me – they asked me to stay!”


We take you places…

… sit back, buckle up and don’t forget to enjoy the ride. As we are a fast-moving agency, from the moment we are briefed, we pick things up quickly and we get a move on! Video/editor-intern Max got to experience this first-hand, arriving on set even before he had his first meeting. And it wasn’t just a simple production – he immediately got to attend a recording for an international client going to the big screen.


“In my first week, I immediately hit the jackpot. During my interview with the team leader, he asked me: “What is your personal goal and why did you chose our agency specifically?”. My response was simple: I wanted to learn everything there is to know about shooting great content. I don’t just want to be an editor, but I also want to go on set and get my hands dirty. Dorst & Lesser is just the place for that.”


Out of sight, but never out of heart…

… and luckily for Maud! After smoothly finishing her internship on the social media team, she felt that strategy was more her cup of tea. She took on a second internship, this time in strategy, at a large banking firm.

“I went for a second internship, because I wanted to see what strategy was all about. Not  long after, Birgit and I got in touch again for a drink to catch up. She told me about all Dorst & Lesser’s new clients and her plans to grow the strategy team. The rest is history.””


So there you have it: the lowdown straight from our (former)interns. Are you interested in a fun internship after reading this blog? Check out current internship vacancies we would love to fill with motivated, young people. Let us know, drop by for a cup of coffee and who knows… Maybe you’ll be part of the team soon!


Internships available:

If you are interested in working at Dorst & Lesser, fill in the open application or check out any vacancies we have by clicking this link.

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