Keeping it real & relevant with LinkedIn

Keeping it real & relevant with LinkedIn

Door Salony Saxena
The times, they are a-changin. In the ever-changing landscape of social media, what exactly are we referring to? We’re talking about the LinkedIn algorithm and why it will no longer be enough to be a big name and have lots of followers to get your content out there. For a social media platform, we’d say that’s a big change. Want to learn more about this and how to keep your spot in people’s LinkedIn feeds? Keep reading.

Up to recently, the LinkedIn algorithm favored content from their top 1% influencers (no Kardashians present on that list, we are talking about the Richard Bransons, Bill Gates and CEO’s of the world), “demoting” potentially valuable and insightful posts by the other 99%. In a time where so many interesting professionals actively use LinkedIn, doesn’t favoring certain content, purely based on ranking and influence, seem outdated? Well, LinkedIn couldn’t agree more and they made some changes.
Time to get technical
Through their Engineering site, LinkedIn has published a very comprehensive and transparent article on these changes, but we know that your time is precious and we happen to be great at summarizing, so just read along.
In short: LinkedIn’s algorithm is focusing more on relevance and less on ranking. Its feed distribution algorithm will become more proportionate and, thus, users will experience more relevance, engagement, activity, and interaction. Via advanced machine learning (am I the only one imagining robots at this point?), LinkedIn will determine the most relevant content for each user – and that might not be from a LinkedIn influencer!
It’s all about relevance
So what does that mean for you, as a person or a company, and your content? It means stepping up your game a bit. As said, a big name and lots of followers is no longer enough to get your post into people’s feeds. You need relevance and interaction! Not to worry, there are some tips and tricks that can help you actually achieve those things, shared by LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Product Management Pete Davies in this article.
To make sure your content gets the exposure it deserves, Davies encourages us to focus on:

  • Conversation – don’t be afraid to add an opinion and encourage dialogues, as the algorithm favors posts that elicit immediate engagement;
  • The most relevant format for your content – and that doesn’t have to be video. According to Davies: “Despite the rumors, the algorithm doesn’t favor any particular format.”;
  • Deeper content – niche topics score better in terms of engagement compared to broad topics;
  • Using hashtags – but limit yourself to 3 and make ‘em relevant to your content.

Think you’ve got the LinkedIn algorithm nailed with these tips? Time to put it to the test. LinkedIn is A/B testing their updated algorithm in the upcoming months, so keep your eyes open for a more relevant feed and keep your own content as relevant as possible.

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