Social Commerce Part III: Did we forget to care?

Social Commerce Part III: Did we forget to care?

Door Arlette Haak
Did you get inspired by our previous articles about social commerce (part I and part II)? And did you make your first sales via social commerce in the meantime? Great! So now you’re done, right? Well, not exactly… The decision-making process of consumers does not stop after making a purchase. Moreover, the gained experience after making a purchase influences each subsequent decision for a new purchase.

Therefore it’s smart to implement the (often forgotten) “Care”-phase into your social commerce strategy. Why should you? Well, this is the phase that comes after the purchase which will ensure the consumer stays with you for as long as possible. As a brand, what more could you ask for? In this blog, I will share five tips on how to care via social media, creating a loyal consumer base.

1. Exclude the buyer
First of all, make sure you exclude the buyers of a specific item from the target audience for that product. Just think: when you have bought something and, immediately afterward, you see an ad appear in your feed of that same item, what is your response? Indeed, it will appear quite messy and impersonal to your consumer base to receive an advertisement for a product they have already bought.

2. Listen to your consumers
On social media, your consumers are your mirror. Do you want them to stay with you for as long as possible? Of course! So improve your products and services by taking a look in that mirror. Request feedback, listen and improve! Take complaints seriously and make your brand even more trustworthy.

3. Talk with people, not at them
The real power behind social commerce is that it gives you the ability to engage with your consumers, instead of merely speaking to them. Users want to interact with your brand 24 hours a day, without having to wait on a response (that’s social media for you).

On Instagram, one in five Stories receives a response. Quite a lot, right? Therefore Instagram has introduced the “Quick Replies” feature, making it easy to tackle all of those incoming mentions and DM’s. Want to take it even further? Automated social commerce chatbots are another effective method to engage with your consumers. Their use avoids one-sided conversations and tends to every single person asking a question.

4. Reward your consumers
Briefly put, there are three reasons that get people to interact with businesses via social media: if they believe it is to their benefit if feel they can trust the company and if they decide that a certain social media channel is indeed where they can the value they seek. For 61% of the users, that value could take shape as a personal discount or a Groupon-like offer. Therefore reward your buyers with a special discount, free webinar, live stream, sample, merchandise, or premium access to a brand event, occasionally offering that little extra benefit all consumers seek.

5. Share the love
If you are doing a good job, there comes a point consumers are so passionate about your products that they create content for you – the holy grail of social commerce! We’re talking about the people who write blog posts about your services, share pictures of themselves with your products, and develop videos to inspire others.

By sharing their social content, these consumers feel appreciated and noticed by your brand. On top of that, they’re basically providing marketing for you, on a personal level that is much harder to achieve as a brand. Did you know that 91% of users trust other users and their opinions? It would almost be a waste not to make use of that.

To conclude my three-part series on social commerce, I hope to have emphasized how important it is to care as a brand and how to do that exactly. Got any more questions? Just send an email – or slide into Dorst & Lessers’ DM’s. We’ll have an instant reply for you, simply because we care.

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