Social Commerce Part II: A big opportunity, if you are doing it right

Social Commerce Part II: A big opportunity, if you are doing it right

Door Arlette Haak
In my previous blog I talked about how social commerce is getting bigger and more relevant. How it doesn’t only facilitate the interaction with your brand, but also enables direct purchases. As a result, the customer journey to the check-out is more natural, personal and above all a lot easier. Sounds brilliant right! Can’t wait to implement social commerce? I will walk you through 6 tactics and trends to help you get your first sales with social.

1. Show your message multiple times
First, you have to reach your audience, before you can start selling. It’s equally important to convince your potential customers of your products. This can be quite challenging. Moreover, it’s even more difficult to open their wallets with just a single social update.

So how do you win their trust? A strong repeating message ensures that a consumer is convinced faster. If a consumer hears three times that something is good, then he or she will sooner assume that this is actually really good. To improve your position, even more, I advise you to learn every stage of their customer journey. By using, for example, the well-known “See, Think, Do” content funnel, you can send your target audience relevant messages at the right moments.

2. Standing out by blending in
The next important step is to grab the attention of your potential customers. How? In the past ads that really stood out received the highest level of attention. Today the most effective way to stand out is by blending in. Here comes the trick! Look as native to their feed as possible and make use of the new social features the platforms offer. That way your ad gets more screen time and becomes more relatable, relevant and trustworthy.

3. Movement is king
Another sure-fire method to grab your audience attention and add value on social is ‘movement’. 84% of consumers agree with me on this matter. After watching a video, they felt convinced enough to buy the product. There are other exciting ways to incorporate movement into your assets besides video content. Have fun exploring fun and effective features like 3D product pictures, cinemagraphs, AR-filters, and Instagram Stickers.

4. Building trust with micro-influencers
Social users are more concerned with authenticity nowadays. Hello micro-influencers! A trend we watch closely. People are starting to turn away from superficial and blatant ads. Instead, they turn to the smaller influencers and start trusting what they have to say and share. In fact, influencers with less than 35.000 followers get the highest engagement rate at 5.3%.

5. Low-cost products first
Your potential customers use social to waste time in an enjoyable way. That makes it extra difficult to sell high-ticket products that need to be considered. Therefore my advice would be to start with selling low-cost products. You’re more likely to make your first sales when you focus on low-priced products when you understand the state of mind of your audience.

6. Stairway to heaven
I’m sure you get the point! No one is going to purchase that €4.500,- product on Instagram without the right credibility. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop selling high-priced products. Just keep in mind the path is longer to reach your goals. To get there you simply have to edit your sales funnel a little with smart follow-ups. Set-up relevant retargeting posts, collect email addresses, send newsletters, nurture the relationship with your audience and build trust so you can present them your showpiece.

Before kicking off with social commerce I definitely advise you to consider these tactics and trends. Hungry for more? I got your back! In my third and final social commerce blog I will talk about how to engage with and care for your customers after they bought your product through social. Also, I will provide you with some good (and bad) cases. Stay tuned!

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