How to get your social membership card

How to get your social membership card

Door Inge Bracke
We all have membership cards in our wallet, whether it’s a flimsy paper one from the local coffee shop or a shiny plastic one from the gym (we’re not judging if that one never sees the light of day). In brick-and-mortar shops, loyalty programs and fidelity cards are a useful way to distinguish your most loyal customers. But what if you could also create this system on Facebook? That’s where ‘Top Badges’ comes in. Keep reading to find out more!

Followers who engage often and contribute actively with likes, comments, and shares, can receive a little something called a “Top Badge”. This means they are part of your most loyal, interested, and active fanbase. Basically, it’s the VIP section of your Facebook fan page. So how does Facebook identify these fans? The badge is based on the frequency of contribution, community interaction, and engaging comments. Before you worry about the heaps of fake profiles supposedly occupying Facebook and Instagram, don’t worry. Spammers can’t apply for this badge: the content has to be genuine and Facebook distinguishes the valuable from the fake. 


Who doesn’t want to be a VIP?
While it sure does feel great to be an actual VIP (in the real world, that is), why exactly would your community aspire to have a Facebook badge? Well, it makes them feel rewarded for their loyalty and that’s playing right into people’s emotions and behavior. It’s the same reason why people can’t say no to the 100th membership card or a so-called exclusive newsletter. It’s all about making them feel appreciated and special.


Everybody loves an exclusive
What else? Well, what’s truly interesting for brands is the possibility of exclusively reaching this group of loyal members, by organic targeting. Similar to the feature of language targeting, you can target the Top Fan group and show them personalized content. For example, posting personalized content you know they will love, sharing an exclusive link to pre-register for an event or giving them a sneak-peek of a new product or campaign. Talk about VIP-treatment, right!


Just like all social media platforms, Facebook is constantly changing (and probably even faster than others). With the Top Fan feature, Facebook has established itself as an online social system, which creates a top layer for brands to highlight and engage with. As a brand, do you want to put monthly goals on increasing your Top Fan members list? Will you be creating personalized and very lovable content for this special slice of your audience? Come talk to us about your community management strategy and the myriad of possibilities when it comes to personalized content creation.

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