Happy 100th birthday Renault Life!

Happy 100th birthday Renault Life!

Door Josephine Figee
In 2015, back in the younger days of YouTube, we launched the very first episode of the YouTube show we created for Renault Netherlands. We wanted to connect to a younger audience and figured YouTube was the platform to do exactly so. Even so, it was still an interesting challenge, because why would anyone follow a car brand on YouTube? Four years later and we’re launching episode #100. We never dared to dream to hit this milestone, but here we are!

‘Passion for Life’

When the first episode of Renault Life aired in 2015, they were the first automotive brand in the Netherlands to appear regularly on YouTube with a show like this. All the episodes were dedicated to Design, Easy Life, Innovation and Lifestyle, with one theme connecting them all: ‘Passion for Life’ – also the global tagline of the brand.


Birgit Zuurveld, Managing Director at Dorst & Lesser and one of the masterminds behind the content format, explains the idea behind the global theme: “Renault was willing to think outside of the box with us and veer off the beaten path by creating content going far beyond commerce. Of course, the show still would have a connection to the business, but in a subtle and natural way – and more importantly, not as its primary goal.”


With this in mind, ‘Passion for Life’ was the perfect concept for the Renault YouTube show in which we visit entrepreneurs with a great passion for what they do.

From #1 to #100

If you’re wondering what this passion entails… We mean passion in the broadest sense. We visited ‘Mr. MaisGuy’ in episode #12 who, no surprise here, prepares amazing grilled corn cobs. What makes it even more interesting, though, is that he turned his old-school Renault Estafette in a kitchen-on-wheels. Isn’t that amazing? We simply had to go and see this for ourselves. We asked him all about his passion for corn and, of course, … his beautiful Renault Estafette.


Have we sparked your curiosity? Meet Koos Terpstra and Nhung Dam, who told us all about their passion for theatre in episode #22. Or Pieter-Jan, who developed a very unique musical instrument. In episode #65, he shows us how to turn body movements into music by using OWOW. If that’s not innovative, we don’t know what is. Do you want to know who we visited during the very first episode of Renault Life? Check it out! While you are at it, click the follow button – we promise you, it’s worth the follow.

Happy 100th birthday to me!

So who dropped by to celebrate this amazing anniversary? When you reach a certain age, you start reminiscing on the good old days when you were younger. And that’s exactly what we did when we turned 100! We got in touch with a few old friends to see what’s been going on since the last time we visited them. Back in March 2016, Tessel and Do told us all about their passion for brewing beer. Now, four years later, their beer brand ‘Gebrouwen door Vrouwen’ hasn’t stopped growing (they even opened their very own bar just two weeks ago). Now that’s what I call #girlpower.


Watch episode #100 to discover all the amazing things that have happened since 2016. And make sure to keep an eye on the YouTube channel, because we’re traveling back in time again for episode #101 and #102!

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