5 times Christmas with our clients

5 times Christmas with our clients

Door Carlijn Palthe
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And of course, we (and our clients) couldn’t ignore that. Below, we describe five of our most striking Christmas campaigns.

Jägermeisters Third Christmas Day (Derde Kerstdag)
Christmas is all about spending time with your family. And although it’s fun, let’s be honest…We’re all quite relieved when it’s over. The inappropriate comments from your uncle. The endless games of “Mens-erger-je-niet” until you’re more than annoyed. Loosening your belt after every course (and there are too many of them). And you’re done playing with your “not so cute after two full days non-stop playing” nephew. Not exactly what you call a party, right?
This is why Jägermeister invites everyone this year to really celebrate Christmas. The Jäger way. Together with your best friends on Third Christmas Day. You can invite your friends by sending a Jägermeister Third Christmas Day invitation via Greetz or the Third Christmas Day website. For this campaign, we advertised the main video followed by 3 supporting videos. With a strong advertising strategy, we’re reaching our target audience on the platforms they use most.


Videoland series “Kerst met de Kuijpers”
Christmas means having days off work, so the perfect time for Videoland to promote their content! Videoland produced their own Christmas series “Kerst met de Kuipers”, about a typical Dutch family during the Holidays. To promote the series we’ve created social content derived from the original footage. The campaign is rolled out on Facebook and Instagram with a carousel, canvas and Instagram stories.
We’ve created a carousel where we introduced the leading characters in the series with GIFs. The Canvas is a compilation of recognizable Christmas moments with the family going horribly wrong. On Instagram we’ve posted interactive stories, where we’d ask our fans things like “Which family member are you”. All content showed typical family Christmas moments that are also shown in the series, like untangling the Christmas light (who doesn’t know the struggle). This way, the target audience could relate to our content even though they haven’t watched the series yet. But we bet after this campaign they definitely will!


Renault Christmas video
The R.S. Spirit has been the main focus for Renault Sport throughout the year. Therefore, we also wanted to wish people a Merry Christmas in R.S. Spirit style. In the video we see two men with the real R.S. Spirit, battling and racing against each other while preparing for the Christmas season. Who will be the fastest and will drive away with the perfect Christmas tree? The video was such a hit that it’s also used by Hungary, UK, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.


Action Christmas village
In desperate need of a specific Christmas product? Action has got you covered! We seriously doubt that there is a store where you can find more Christmas products than Action. They asked us to create social content for their “Classic Christmas” product line. The goal was to wish all their fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. But what to do with so many products? We saw only one option: build an entire village out of the products.


Lidl Whatsapp
The Holidays are here, which means the battle of advertising has begun. That’s why Lidl wanted a campaign that stood out from the crowd. Everyone is busy preparing for the Holiday season. These things are widely discussed in Whatsapp group chats. So why not produce a Whatsapp chat campaign that the Lidl target group can relate to? We developed three videos of different Whatsapp conversations about typical Christmas preparations. We subtly incorporated the Delixieux products into the conversation. To make the sales link, the videos ended with the products being viewed online on a mobile device.


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