Creative Calendar March: Creativity around the world

Creative Calendar March: Creativity around the world

Door Inge Bracke
It’s a wrap! We’re saying goodbye to March and welcoming April. Spring is in the air and that means fresh new content for Jägermeister, Nikon, and news from the USA. Do you want to catch a breeze of our updates this month? Keep on reading!

Escaping reality and exploring new boundaries
We are proud to present you our new video content for the ‘Alter Ego’ campaign of Jägermeister. The definition of an alter ego? “A second personality by which a person distinguishes himself from his true identity”. What does this mean for Jägermeister? Well, Jägermeister is all about finding your place and finding the courage to be who you want to be. With this content, we are daring you to explore your own personality, to explore that other, crazier, wilder side of yourself. Sounds tempting? Just have a look and be inspired to get in touch with your alter ego…

No words needed! 😉 Check out our behind the scenes moments with Jägermeister. 🌠 Soon online!

Geplaatst door Dorst & Lesser op Dinsdag 26 maart 2019

With content like this, who isn’t inspired? We are very proud of the team that made this all happen: Maud Olieslagers, Birgit Zuurveld, Denise Groen, Josse van Meegeren, Wessel Torn, Jorden Julian, and Kyra Chilton. We wrapped this shoot with Showpony productions at the Jimmy Woo Lounge, which turned out to be the perfect setting to let our alter egos shine through.
Zooming in on press photography
Another creative highlight of the previous month was the start of our social media and content partnership with Nikon Belgium. As their new partner, we immediately got to support them on a very unique initiative: the Nikon Press Photo Awards, putting Belgian press and news photographers in the spotlight. To encourage votes for the Public Choice Award, we created several short, but powerful video formats to drive traffic and, ultimately, votes. Photography and videography go hand in hand, right? Just have a look at the video highlighting this year’s winners:

NPPA Winners 2019

Gefeliciteerd Dieter Telemans (News), Kristof Ramon (Sports) en Kristof Vadino (Stories) 🎉Ontdek alle winnende beelden, de Publieksprijs en volledige reeksen op voici: les gagnants des Nikon Press Photo Awards 2019! Félicitations à Dieter Telemans (News), Kristof Ramon (Sports) et Kristof Vadino (Stories) 🎉Découvrez toutes les images gagnantes, le Prix du Public et la série complète sur

Geplaatst door Nikon op Donderdag 28 maart 2019

Howdy, USA!
This month, we went international with Becherovka, with our content crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the USA. Over time, social media has made country boundaries fade away and this is opening doors for new partnerships, creative connections and knowledge sharing all over the globe – something we are so passionate about.

Fresh air(conditioning)
You probably already know that we like getting down to business when it comes to shooting creative campaigns and productions. It’s pretty much in our DNA. Getting down to business, in this case, means we wrapped up another shoot for Renault Netherlands. What for? Their new “Airco Check” campaign. In need of some fresh air(conditioning) for summer? Watch our video, get inspired and have your car checked:

Fresh knowledge
Social media moves at lightning speed. At Dorst & Lesser, we know the importance of keeping up with the pace. You can always keep on learning, right? This month, one of our social strategics, Maud, got her Facebook Blueprint certificate. She’s a real winner and we couldn’t be more proud! Interest to learn all about Facebook latest developments and possibilities on a strategic level? Just get in touch here.

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