Creative Calendar June: drinks, traveling, and Back2School – sounds like summer!

Creative Calendar June: drinks, traveling, and Back2School – sounds like summer!

Door Joepke Teunissen
From drinks in the sun to boat trips and barbecues, from adventures by car to flying all around the world… June has been a whirlwind! Together with our clients Fanta, Renault, and Jägermeister, we kicked off the summer with some sizzling hot campaigns - just like the weather. Keep reading if you want to discover how we made June a month to remember.

A very Thirsty Thursday
First things first, let’s start with “Thirsty Thursday”. What’s in a name? Together with SocialReblz, we kicked off June with our legendary “Thirsty Thursday” party – a party to connect and socialize with our clients, influencers, digital creatives, and people in the industry overall. Did we mention that it was legendary? And that we had karaoke? We had a blast, so thank you all for your dance moves, karaoke performances, and incredible vibes. We especially want to thank SocialReblz super-intern Vera van Veen for the organization!
thirsty thursday
Still thirsty? Have a Jägermeister on-the-go!

Talking about drinks, we’ve got a great tip for you for these blazing hot summer days: Jägermeister Coolpack – limited edition, ice cold, reusable, and perfect for the festival terrain. To introduce the Coolpack on social, we created cool and catchy social influencer content, in collaboration with BAAS PR. Go check out the first two videos on IGTV.
Keep ‘em coming, with a genie in a bottle… of Fanta
If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? Money, fame or just a giant ice cream to cool off in this heat (sometimes easy does it, right)? Well, that’s the question we asked three influencers and their followers in a campaign for Fanta. This resulted in a pool party with YouTube star Jeremy and transforming YouTube star Hanwe’s house to a ball pit with approximately 10 000 balls. Wondering how that happened? Watch our video, get inspired, but always remember: be careful what you wish for…

From the freshest drinks to the freshest fruit… and football players
Who are the coolest football players around right now? We Dutchies don’t have to think twice about our answer: it’s the Dutch women’s national football team. Our “Orange Lionesses” are fresher than fresh right now, just like Lidl’s assortment of fruit. With a line-up of the freshest and best in the football field, we got featured on the Best Social Media. A little creativity goes a long way.

Keeping that car fresh!
In summer, it’s important to keep your head cool… Just like keeping your car in top shape – and Renault has got your back for just that. For the new Renault “Summer Check” campaign, we wrapped up another shoot. Ready for a carefree road trip? Watch our video, get inspired and go get your car summer ready:

Doe nú de Renault Zomercheck 👉

Doe nú de Renault Zomercheck en geniet van een zorgeloze vakantie. C’est la vie! ⛺️☀️ #Renault_NL #Zomercheck

Geplaatst door Renault op Maandag 3 juni 2019

From a cool road trip to a fun bus ride
Whether you’re traveling by car, plane or bus this summer, here at Dorst & Lesser, we’ve got you covered. In June, we shot a video for KLM. We stayed on the ground and made a cool, creative video for the transit buses that take travelers from Schiphol Airport to their holiday destination in the Netherlands. Curious about the result? Check it out on board of one of the four KLM busses driving around the Netherlands this summer!
Schiphol productie
Flash forward with ‘back to school’
We’re in full swing with summer content and campaigns, but we’re also looking ahead… Towards September and you know what that means: back to school! For Action, we developed a “Cool2School” influencer campaign, showing girls and boys how to pimp up their agenda for the new school year. There’s no such thing as being too prepared, we always say.

Would you also like to create hot, sizzling, creative campaigns like these? Check out our job page with the current vacancies and maybe you’ll be part of the team soon…

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