Creative Calendar July: From Social to Cinema

Creative Calendar July: From Social to Cinema

Door Martijn Lasonder
With summer in full swing, we probably don’t need to mention the term ‘cucumber time’. However, even with the impossibly high temperatures of recent, we still managed to get things done in July. We went from social to TVC and from TVC to cinemas! We launched our first-ever Pinterest advertising strategy for one of our clients. We have some new blood within the family and still are in need of more! Intrigued about our July? Read along.

Dorst & Lesser goes cinema?!

Say what? You heard it here first. We went live in cinemas with our new campaign for FANTA. We could tell you all about it, but pictures speak louder than words – and that definitely goes for videos as well. Watch the video below to experience our social cinema debut. 



Getting in on the action with Pinterest

Another premiere for Dorst & Lesser: in collaboration with Action, we implemented a new Pinterest advertising strategy. Recently, we finally had the option of reaching audiences on Pinterest via sponsored content (long-awaited for non-English speaking countries). With Pinterest being the number one platform for showcasing products and inspiring users’ buying decisions, you know we had to jump in on the opportunity and what better brand to start with than Action.  


A tasty shoot!

For our international client Schweppes, we stepped up our game in this mysterious, high-end cocktail video. Again, why put in words what the actual video can show you so much better – just watch and see for yourself.



Exploring new borders…

If the above wasn’t enough, we pulled off another production, with just about 6 influencers, 32 GoPros and 12 cosplayers for the game “Borderlands 3”. Not impressed yet? Well, how about if we tell you the concept is based on a real-life game? Keep an eye on our social channels, because it will be dropping soon. We’re proud to say this was another successful collab with SocialReblz. 


Some good fellas on board

It’s not a secret that, besides empowering our clients with research, data and excellent social skills, Dorst & Lesser is also an empowering environment for the ladies. However, a bit of balance never hurts, so we hired some fellas – three at once, to be precise. Please meet our new 3D Animator and Motion Graphic Designers Diogo and Tobias, and Camera- and Film-guy Thom. 



Are you next?

We’re on a roll, so we are in need of more talented peeps (guys or gals)! Are you an analytical Social Media Specialist, a hands-on Content Creative, a financial helping hand, or you’re living across the border and you’d love to join our Belgian team? Then show some love

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