Creative Calendar April: April Fools’ jokes, international productions & ‘rokjesdag’

Creative Calendar April: April Fools’ jokes, international productions & ‘rokjesdag’

Door Lisa Bousie
Last month at Dorst & Lesser started with an April Fools’ joke that came out with a bang! On top of that, a trip to Prague for the final production for Transavia ‘Grensverleggers’ and sunny shoots followed. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re excited to announce brand new partnerships with Dutch Filmworks. Intrigued? Scroll down for more!

Well that’s what we call an April Fools’ joke
4.800 likes, 27.000 comments, 680 shares: that’s what we call April Fools’ at its best! We introduced a new ‘edible’ product for our favorite supermarket chain: a typically Dutch ‘Frikandelspread speciaal’. Just like ‘american filet’, but with a twist ;-). This post got us featured on the Best Social Media and we received a lot of media coverage, even on television! Props to our Lidl team: Dominique, Wessel, Denise, and Sterre!

Our client Moneyou hopped on the April Fools’ train too. We announced a new feature for the Moneyou Go app, making it possible to transfer money to a friend by using voice. We used the hashtag ‘#fluitennaarjecenten’ or ‘whistle to your money’. In Dutch, this is a saying that means that you will never receive your money. This post was also picked up by the Best Social Media and had a reach of more than 1,3 million. We guess lots of friends have issues with paying back on time? 😉
Crossing borders for Grensverleggers
For the last episode of ‘Grensverleggers’ – the YouTube series for our client Transavia – our producer Sophie flew to beautiful Prague, the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. For all of you who have never visited this city: a true gem waiting to be discovered! To test the hospitality of the city, winner Debby Vergoossen, together with YouTube stars Petrus and Quinten, went on an adventure without any money in their pockets. In three days they visited a lot of the city highlights, made new friends and tasted some delicious Prague delicacies. These episodes will be online on May 17th and 24th on the YouTube channel of Transavia. Go check it out and let us know what you think!
More productions…
From Prague back to our own country: our production and video team have been very busy! For Dacia Netherlands, we went out on the streets and created a very – even if we say so ourselves – funny video for the ‘Slimme Rik’ campaign. Keep an eye on the Facebook page of Dacia NL to see the end result! For Renault Netherlands, we shot a very good looking, mouthwatering video for the new ‘Culinaire Proefrit’ campaign. Curious for an exclusive sneak peek? Here’s a little preview from behind the scenes. More next month!
Renault Production Dorst & Lesser
You ro(c)k
Since the weather in The Netherlands isn’t always bright and shiny, we have an official name for the first day you can wear summer skirts and bare legs: ‘Rokjesdag’! For our client Aperol Spritz we shot some great sunny pictures to celebrate this beautiful day. The shoot took place at ‘Pllek Amsterdam’, a wonderful bar north of the river, where 3 models of Showpony were our leads. The result? Absolutely fabulous! Several companies in the catering industry shared our images. Thanks to Dorst & Lessers Denise, Sascha en Sterre for this successful project. Would you like to join their team? The coolest digital, social agency in the heart of Amsterdam is growing fast and is looking for new creatives.

And also Collistar Benelux asked Dorst & Lesser to come up with newsjacking content for ‘Rokjesdag’ to gain more attention for their product the ‘Magic Drops’. Therefore we’ve set up a mini social campaign. We’ve reached almost a half million unique people with a media budget of 1.000 euros.
Last but not least, our Alpaca candlelight post for Action was also featured by the Best Social Media. A month full of (high)lights, if we say so! We can’t wait to see what May has in store!

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