Creative Calendar 9: Grensverleggers, showroom opening & car sharing

Creative Calendar 9: Grensverleggers, showroom opening & car sharing

Door Inge Bracke
January, gloomy? Not at Dorst & Lesser. We love January because it’s the perfect time for new beginnings and fresh changes. To start the year strong, Dorst & Lesser appointed a new Managing Director. We also added a few new clients to our roster and we are bringing a lot of new ideas to the table. Intrigued to discover more? Scroll down.

The sky is the limit
Bringing creative ideas to life is what we do best, so let’s start this overview with our latest projects. We love nothing more than getting down to work and we secretly love it, even more when it makes us cross borders! We produced new content for ‘Grensverleggers’ – the YouTube series of our client Transavia, flying our producers Josse and Bob all the way to Helsinki and Innsbruck. As we speak (or as you are reading), the first episode of ‘Grensverleggers’ is online. Go check it out and let us know what you think!

Share your car (on social media)
While thousands of young people are protesting in Brussels for climate change, we can proudly jump on this topic by introducing the new campaign we produced for the eco-friendly Fetch App, in collaboration with Renault ZOE. Fetch, the new, easy-to-use car-sharing app, will be the talk of the town for 2019 – Amsterdam, that is.

In a different town in Belgium – the lovely Ghent, you will spy some Renault ZOE’s around as well, via a collaboration between Renault Belgium and car sharing service BattMobiel. Discover it for yourself in the Dorst & Lesser-produced awareness campaign that launched this month. Hilarious, even if we say so ourselves.
Showroom opening
Speaking of Belgium… At the start of the year, our Belgian client kreon – a lighting specialist with showrooms all over the world – opened a brand new creative space near the waterfront in Amsterdam. We were present during opening night to capture this magnificent space on tape (and share a few bites while doing so). Relive the moment or discover this lovely space in our funky fresh aftermovie.

As you can see, we had a busy month. Still buzzing from all the projects from January, we are ready to step into a new month… And that with some brand new clients on board: Belgian fashion retailer LolaLiza and make-up brand Collistar. February, bring it on!
And last but not least, the talented Arlette has joined our team of Social Consultants. She’s going to rock so hard that you’ll have to watch out! She’ll be working on Collistar and Moneyou. Get in touch with her.

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