Creative Calendar May: Holiday pay, a unicorn, socks, SAN, and summits

Creative Calendar May: Holiday pay, a unicorn, socks, SAN, and summits

Door Maud Olieslagers
The new month has started and you know what that means… Time for a little recap. May was a busy and exciting month. We attended a few events, some new work has gone live and... we won two SAN Awards for both Lidl’s Kordaat campaign and Jägermeister’s ‘Derde Kerstdag’ campaign, yay! While we are already jumping into June with both feet, let’s take a moment to look back at our work and daily office life from the last couple of weeks.

It’s the season…

… for new car campaigns
Actually, two of them. For the first campaign, we take you for a culinary test drive (‘Culinaire Proefrit’) with Renault Netherlands. If you’re wondering what gastronomy and (automotive) design have in common, just take a look here. In the second campaign we made, this time for Dacia, we focused on the insight that when you buy a Dacia, you are a “slimmerik”. Intrigued about this little wordplay? Have a look at it yourself!

… of holiday pay
I think we all know the struggle… You get your holiday pay and before you know it, the money has disappeared into the household pot or spent on new clothes, restaurants, and whatnot (we don’t judge). With the number on your account suddenly being a lot lower than you had imagined, we can imagine it’s not quite what you had in mind. That is why we set up a campaign for our client Moneyou, especially to help you manage and use your holiday pay in a smart way. Quite a noble cause, even if we say so ourselves.

… to buy socks and unicorns (I guess)
Lidl’s own branded socks came out on the 24th of May. After just one day, they already ran out of s(t)ock (thanks for this one, Wiebe)! Talk about a smashing success. We’ve created the social video content to announce the sale of the socks and we were proud to see this video used in several Lidl countries.

Rol je broekspijpen maar alvast op, want deze sokken zijn gemaakt om mee te flaneren. 🧦 Welke Lidl-fan moet ze écht in huis halen? Vanaf vrijdag in de winkel en online! OP=OP! Scoor ze hier:

Geplaatst door Lidl Nederland op Maandag 20 mei 2019

Another thing we’ve done in May? Float around in a unicorn. Did we say unicorn? We mean a huge unicorn. Imagine a unicorn almost as big as the canal in front of our office. Don’t believe it? Absolutely love unicorns (how can you not)? Then we’re not going to keep this amazing photo of the unicorn – and Marco – to ourselves. We told you it was a huge unicorn.

Hij is groot, HEEL ERG GROOT! Met wie dobber jij hier deze zomer in rond? 🦄 Scoor 'm nu:

Geplaatst door Lidl Nederland op Dinsdag 21 mei 2019

… for learnin’
Back to serious business again. In May, we attended two events. To kick off the month, we attended ‘The Next Web’ with 9 (!) of our colleagues. In short, these were two very inspirational days with talks from Google, Nike, Lush and many more. To get the most out of these days, we all had different programs: Carlijn heard everything about robots in combination with art and Birgit learned even more about leadership (though we think she has this leadership thing nailed). In the meantime, Sophie and Melissa learned how to think like a journalist while creating a campaign.

The other insightful learning moment took place at the Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam, attending the “The Facebook Marketing Summit 2019”. Eveline and I went there to learn everything about the roadmap, focus and shifts of Facebook for this year. Finding ourselves in a social media and tech world that is constantly changing, we like staying on top things. Are you curious? You know where to find us and we will share all our insights and knowledge.

From cars to unicorns, this was the month of May at Dorst & Lesser. For the new month, we are ready for some sunshine, cool new projects and… the most important of all, a good party. Our famous ‘Thirsty Thursday’ party is returning this Thursday. Got a last minute opening in your agenda for a great evening amongst people in the industry? Then don’t wait to take a look at our event page. See you soon!

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