Creative Calendar 10: virals and travels

Creative Calendar 10: virals and travels

Door Margo van der Laan
We’ve had a lot of fun. That summarizes our February quite well. More details? Well, we are warming up for the Dutch carnival with Jägermeister, our Becherovka content is crossing oceans (USA) and, on top of that, we’ve spread a Lidl love. And if that wasn’t enough, we’re excited for our brand new partnership with Nikon in Belgium. Great things are happening at Dorst & Lesser.

Viral carnival
Everybody get in line for the ‘polonaise’, because our carnival campaign for Jägermeister is doing great! It’s a great moment for Jägermeister to reach their target audience with relevant, entertaining content. We were inspired by how carnival-fever is spreading through the country in the last year and the festivities are attracting more and more people from “above the rivers”. While this makes for even more fun, it can also cause irritations. There are some (unwritten) rules on how to celebrate carnival and not everyone who crosses those rivers knows about them. The idea was born: for Jägermeister, we came up with the unwritten rules of the carnival. If you didn’t see it yet, check out the campaign story and video!
Our content is crossing oceans!
There are more drinks to spill. We went from Becherovka shoots in Rotterdam to the first post planned for Becherovka USA. Together we’re introducing the brand at specific bars and restaurants by geo-targeted social media content. And there’s more to come.
The perfect match
As photography lovers and creators we couldn’t be more excited for our brand new social media partnership to kick off. From now on we will add Nikon Belgium to our portfolio (go follow them already on Facebook and Instagram). The plan? Taking over the world with Nikon ambassadors and influencers.
Crazy Lidl thing called love
The Lidl Facebook community has grown to 750.000 fans! A milestone we had to celebrate with a video to thank the Lidl community. We received so much love from the enthusiastic Lidl community that we got featured on The Best Social (twice, by the way)! Rightly so, because Lidl didn’t forget about the singles and vegetables on Valentine’s Day. Strange match, you’d say? Not with some creative copywriting!

All puns aside, we had a Lidl more fun creating content for our favorite supermarket chain, by cooking an exceptional meal on request. Our lovely execution of ‘Stamppot Sushi’ (mashed potatoes and seaweed, anyone?) has reached one million people and has been featured on multiple blogs and social channels. Would you try this at home?
Shooting the new eco-friendly car concept of The Netherlands
From copywriting to productions, February had it all. For Fetch, the new, easy-to-use car-sharing app in partnership with Renault, we went out on the streets and created another fresh video to boost this eco-friendly new concept. Curious for an exclusive sneak peek? Here’s a little preview from behind the scenes:

B2B content creation for Philips during ISE
ISE, you’re wondering? It’s the most important week for our client Philips Professional Display Solutions, worldwide. Our B2B content strategy leads to organic personal content. To put a spotlight on this event, we departed from the learning that organic personal content performs better than any targeted content. So, we created personal videos for LinkedIn for individual Philips’ representatives. Making separate videos meant we had to move fast to stay relevant at the moment. Luckily, moving fast is what we do best and the results were great!
YIM @ Night
Switching over to another event, our Managing Director Birgit gave a talk at Google for a YIM (Young in Media) event, shining a critical eye on the importance of data-driven content. Of course, we believe in data (it’s part of our social DNA), but we don’t want to neglect the importance of creativity. Daring to take a risk and doing things totally different may yield in results you wouldn’t expect.

To top off a great month: we’re kicking off a brand new Instagram account If all of the above sounds great to you (we promise, it is!) and you want to join the team: this is who we’re looking for.

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